Norfolk Rotary Charities, the Rotary Club of Norfolk's nonprofit affiliate, has awarded 23 non-profit organizations a total of $25,161 in grants in 2016. Recipients were selected from 51 organizations requesting $106,110 in Rotary funding. Grants are provided by the generosity of Rotary Club members who support the club endowment and also contribute to the club’s “congratulations and fines.” We will be seeing this grants in action and hearing from organization representatives throughout the year. Look for a May 1 opportunity to go and see the Tidewater Wooden Boat Workshop in action. Click here to watch a short time-lapse video to give you a glimpse at this youth program we are funding. 
Recipients include:
Boys and Girls Club of Southeastern Virginia – to provide supplies for Project Learn
Cerebral Palsy – to purchase musical instruments for both children and adult programs
The Chas Foundation – for mental health waiting room improvements
Children’s Health Investment Program – to purchase cribs for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) education for low-income families
Foodbank of Southeastern Virginia – to purchase food to stock Foodbank shelves 
ForKids Inc. – to purchase Net Nanny software to put on the computers children from homeless families use.
FREE Foundation – to help refurbish wheelchairs and other mobility equipment for low-income citizens 
The Hurrah Players – to purchase portable LED projector and screen for after-school tutoring for students in the theater program
Hope House Foundation – to purchase computers for residents with mental disabilties to use.  
Hampton Roads Community Development – to purchase audio/visual equipment for after-school programs for youth from low-income families
LEAD Hampton Roads – to purchase materials for training assessments for teens in the leadership program
Norfolk Christian School – to fund social and psychological programs for children of military personnel
Norfolk SPCA – to purchase a pulse oximeter and charger to help monitor animals during surgery
Nursing CAP, Inc. – to purchase supplies, including stethoscopes, for a program to promote nursing to high school students
Park Place Dental Clinic – for dental supplies and equipment to treat low-income
The Salvation Army, Hampton Roads Command – to purchase shoes for homeless people
St. Mary’s Home – to help purchase an adaptive mobility chair for children and young adults with disabilities
Todd Rosenlieb Dance – to purchase ballet clothing for children of incarcerated parents to wear while participating in a dance program that helps them 
Tidewater Wood Boat Workshop – to purchase materials for middle-school students to build wooden row boats. Click here to see a 1:52 time-lapse video of this program.
Virginia Arts Festival – to purchase craft supplies for people with disabilities attending the special needs night performances during the festival
Virginia Aquarium – to purchase materials for Access Aquarium program for low-income and disabled children
Virginia Stage Company – to purchase new equipment for the Black Light Theater productions
YMCA Camp Silver Beach – to purchase materials to create an oyster farm at the Eastern Shore camp that serves many children from our region